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The end of the startup bubble has pushed French professionals to reconsider their situation as expatriates. They have realized how fragile their position was in the Silicon Valley due to tough visa requirements, lack of foreign Graduate degree recognition and the lack of support within the French community.

The existence of a strong French community network in the USA is an important contribution to the Silicon Valley economy and the image of France abroad. SiliconFrench's goal is to merge the best features of the two cultures. It aims at educating people into a new way of succeeding with the help of each other in the most positive way. For instance, the strong communication skills (presentation, speed reading, etc.) and leadership (organization, teamwork, etc.) of the American society and the strong French scientific education are complementary and should be combined for bettering the career of the French professional in California.

I coordinate the Sophia-Antipolis chapter devoted to federate the French Graduate Engineering Schools, events, people, organizations and what ever which may highlight High Technologies.

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A - Berlin
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Au & Ag Alloys


92%Standard gold, Great Britain92Au, 8Cu
92%Gold 22 carat dental, dark92Au, 4.9Ag, 31Cu
92%Pale yellow gold92Au, 0-8.3Ag. 0-8.3Fe
91.66%Gold 22 carat91.66Au, 4.16Ag, 4.16Cu
90%Coinage90Au, 10Cu
90%White gold, palladium gold90Au, 10Pd
60-90%Rhotanium60-90Au, 10-40Pd
86%Gray gold86Au, 5.7-17Fe, 0-8.6Ag
85%Gold 20 carat84Au, 8.3-11Ag, 6-8.3Cu
84%Jewelry84Au, 16Cu
79%Roberts-Austen (purple gold)79Au, 21Al
75%Blue gold75Au, 25Fe
75-85%White gold75-85Au, 8-10Ni, 2-9Zn
80%Palau80Au, 20Pd
75%Gold sonler l6 carat75Au, 17Ag, 8.3Cu
75%Gold 18 carat75Au, 10-20Ag, 5-15Cu
75%Jewelry75Au, 24Cu
63-75%Gold solder 18 carat63-75Au, 13-31Ag, 6.3-12Cu
70%Platinum substitute, electrical70Au, 25Ag, 5Ni, or Pt
68%Platinum substitute, electrical68Au, 25Ag, 7.5Pt
67%Pen metal67Au, 25Cu, 8Ag
67%Gold 16 carat67Au, 8-27Cu, 6.6-26Ag
63%Gold solder, best63Au, 23Ag, 15Cu
62.5%Gold 15 carat62.5Au (min), 13Cu, 11Ag
60%Platinum gold, white60Au, 40Pt
58.33%Gold 14 carat58.33Au, 14-28Cu, 4-28Ag
58%Gold 14 carat dental58Au, 30Ag, 12Cu
55%Gold solder, easy melt55Au, 32Ag, 14Cu
50%Dark red gold50Au, 50Cu
50%Gold solder 12 carat50Au, 35Cu, 15Ag
50%Gold solder 14 carat50 Au, 33Ag, 17Cu
47%Gold 8 carat47Cu, 33Au, 20Ag
42%Gold 10 carat42Au, 38-46Cu, 12-20Ag
41%Gold solder 10 carat41Au, 37Ag, 21Cu, 0.6 brass
40%Gold solder 8 carat40Au, 37Ag, 23Cu
31%Palladium gold40Cu, 31Au, 19Ag, 10Pd
0%Cooper's gold67-81Cu, 19-30Pt, 0-4Zn

95.84%Brittania Silver95.84Ag, 4.16Cu
92.5%Standard (sterling) silver92.5Ag, 7.5Cu
92.5%Standard cadmium silver92.5Ag, 5.75Cu, 1.75Cd
92%Silver-rupee92Ag, 8Cu
90%Silver U.S. coins90Ag, 10Cu
80%Jewelry80Ag, 20Cu
80%Silver solder, hard80Ag, 13Cu, 6.8Zn
75%Silver solder, medium75Ag, 20Cu, 5Zn
73%Platinum solder73Ag, 27Pt
70%Platinum substitute (Cooper's)70 Ag, 25Pt, 5Ni
70%Platinum substitute (Cooper's)70Ag, 25Pd, 5Co
66.7%Platinum silver66.7Ag, 33.3Pt
66%Silver solder, French66Ag, 23Cu, 10Zn
63%Silver solder, common63Ag, 30Cu, 7.5Zn
55%Gold solder, very easy melt55Ag, 29Cu, 12Au, 5.5Zn
40%Silver solder, Bu. Stands40Ag, 40Sn, 14Cu, 6Zn
2%Chinese silver58Cu, 17.5Zn, 11.5Ni, 11Co, 2Ag
0%Nickel silver 18% A65Cu, 18Ni, 17Zn
0%Nickel silver 18% B55Cu, 18Ni, 27Zn
0%German silver80Cu, 25Zn, 15Ni
0%German silver, common formula55Cu, 25Zn, 20Ni
0%German silver52Cu, 26Zn, 22Ni
0%Dienett's German silver51Cu, 32Zn, 9.5Pb, 6.4Ni, 1.6Sn
0%German silver, Birmingham50-62Cu, 20-32Zn, 12-30Ni
0%German silver, Austrian (Gersdorf)50-60Cu, 20-5Zn, 20-5Ni
0%German silver, best46Cu, 34Zn, 20Ni

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