Fall 2002

Redondo Beach - South-West of Los Angeles Area

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These shots above had been taken from the Griffith Observatory in the North-West of the Great Los Angeles (Orange County). You should have a look, in the background, at LA Downtown with its high buildings, and all around there, cities as Beverly Hills, West-Hollywood, Bel Air Estates, Santa Monica, Culver City, Inglewood, Pasadena, Glendale.

A very useful map to prevent to be lost in this huge area is The Thomas Guide of Los Angeles County provided by Thomas Bros. Maps

Fall 2002

San Francisco

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From Yosemite Park to San Francisco Bay with the famous Golden Gate, Alcatraz jail or Pier 39

Winter 2003

Seattle - Khmer Wedding

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Travelling during about 10 hours from Nice to the west coast of the USA to attend to a khmer wedding at Seattle is quiet far from Cambodia. From the headquaters of Microsoft and Boeing near the airport to downtown 30 minutes later, I was impressed by this canadian landscape, I had never seen before, except perhaps in books. I was furthermore delighted by the sunny weather with indeed some clouds. Nice trip, nice people, nice wedding, nice sights ensure sweet reminders.

July 2005

Tilehurst - Andreas' Summer Party

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Nice party in Tilehurst (Reading, in London neighborhood). Arrival at Gatwick from Nice, one hour and a half after, arrived at Tilehurst small train station (UK rail is not so bad!!!). Nice weather as well, lovely people, awesome barbecue: everything to make a fabulous party until late in the night.

But... the day after, I awake up in my room at Calcot hotel and noticed a typical English cloudy and rainy weather. Gorgeous hotel, wood-covered walls, nice wood bar likewise. English people are not really fortunate with their weather, but are very fortunate to have so warm insides.

September 2005

Milan - Simona's Wedding

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5 hours far from Nice by train, Italian rail is not so bad nor expensive at all... despite all the time late. Milan is a nice place with several facilities to travel within the city, and to spend a few days in downtown (ACCOR Hotels). Plenty of nice churchs everywhere and an awesome cathedral. Very fashioned as well with luxurious shops (Gucci, Armani, Prada, Versace, ...) in main street. Something to note: bringing an italian dictionary is mandatory to get understood, English is poorly understood since learning English is not especially taught at school.

February 2006

Dublin & Galway

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2 hours and a half far straight from Nice airport via Aer Lingus, Irish national flying company, Dublin appears as a huge european capital: about the half of entire county inhabitants are living in Dublin great area. Several gorgeous monuments are to be visited as City Hall. Very impressed by people, speaking all the time, enjoying life in pubs around a pint of Guinness (liters of Guinness I would say). Very warm and great atmosphere.

Leprechaun 45 minutes far away via Aer Arann , a small domestic Irish flying company, Galway city offers a real Gaelic overview of the country, mixing Celtic history and state-of-the-art technologies. The center of the city is really nice to visit, having a drink (a Guinness of course) in pubs, small streets, charming houses, all the time full of people (especially students coming from a couple of Universities located around) at any hour.
About 1 hour far from Galway city by car, Cannemara region absolutely needs to be visited. Very peaceful landscape on the coast, which however may remind us historical fights which happened centuries ago on this earth.

Anywhere throughout Ireland, Radisson SAS Hotels are really nice places to sleep or have a dinner, near to center of the cities, or close to any other facilities.

September 2006

Paris - Montmartre, Pigale

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December 2007 - January 2008

Pursat, Siam Reap, Phnom Penh

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14 hours away from Paris (France), a connection in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to land one hour later in Phnom Penh (Cambodia). We passed the custom immigration easily thanks to e-visa ordered on the Internet. The cultural gap was so exotic and restful.

4 hours later, we arrived in Pursat to attend during a few days to a traditional Khmer wedding. People are fantastic and the life quietly lived day after day working in a collaborative manner. We appreciated the food (especially plenty of various fruits) and local arts & crafts stone and wood carving: simply fabulous!!

Took a boat in Battambang for a cruise on the river during almost 10 hours to Siam Reap. We spent there a week in a touristic, but still khmer, atmosphere to enjoy Angkor temples... and the New Year Eve!! Wonderful memories.

5 hours away from Siam Reap we drove back to Phnom Penh for a week to visit the capital. Unfortunatly a sore throat stopped my trip while the rest of the group went to Siahnouk Ville to enjoy the sand on the beaches. Hence back to France via Bangkok.

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