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Relevant Academic Activities

  1. Kopi Cross-Referencer (kXr)
  2. Beginning with LATEX 2e
  3. Web Services Overview & Case Study document in french (PDF)
  4. Industrial Experience

Kopi Cross-Referencer (kXr)

contact: Pr. Thomas Graf , teacher at ESSI & CEO of DMS

DMS Decision Management Systems GmbH provides entirely customized software solutions which are essential for running small but valuable organizations. In cooperation with ESSI, DMS has developed Kopi, a development framework for business applications based on Java, JDBC and JFC/Swing. Kopi is more than free software, Kopi is an Official GNU Package. KJC, the flagship product of the Kopi Suite, is a production quality compiler fully written in Java.

In the second semester of ESSI II, we had to realize a project. We chose to work with Pr. Graf on one titled Kopi Cross-Referencer. Java developers have been encountering problems to pack and to distribute their products. They have been writing a lot of packages wich should depend on each other. Thanks to our product kXr, they need not any more to choose themselves packages to include. Thus, kXr counts the number of classes and members encountered. Used packages are the ones which have been visited at least once. Then, our project will help a lot of developers who ask themselves these questions about dependances between packages.

In order to develop as fast as possible with the best chances to reach our objectives, we chose to adopt a Quality approach. It describes point by point each step to be as clear as possible in the software life-cycle. Main points could be represented by key words: what, how, why, do it, test and use more in french (PDF)

Beginning with LATEX 2e - Débuter avec LATEX 2e

This document aims to describe Latex commands for beginners, who should write a very beautiful document fast, copying/pasting code provided by the paper. Advanced writers should consider this document as a "mémo" avoiding to waste time to search basic information among a plenty of poor documented commands document in french (PDF)

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