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Project Syndicate: Stock market forecasts clear sailing ahead, but Roubini warns that risks haven’t disappeared
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 15:54:22 GMT
Markets are priced for clear sailing ahead, but Nouriel Roubini warns that the stock markets could turn on a dime.
Social Security costs to exceed revenue next year, trustee report shows
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 15:53:37 GMT
The expense of running Social Security will exceed the revenue next year, a new report released Monday showed, in a sign of the upcoming challenges to the key retirement program.
If the S&P 500 breaks out, expect the benchmark index to top 3,000 quickly
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 15:47:12 GMT
Elliott Wave theory sees two scenarios for the SP 5.
Currencies: Oil-pegged currencies gain as U.S. says it will end waivers for Iranian crude imports
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 15:42:56 GMT
Currencies linked to commodity prices head higher on Monday after U.S. government says it will end waivers for countries that import Iranian oil.
Capitol Report: As Biden set to announce candidacy, these are the Democrats who are running for president
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 15:41:10 GMT
Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to announce this week that he’s running for president, jumping into a crowded field of Democrats aiming to take on Donald Trump in the election.
Earnings Outlook: Tesla earnings: The big question is how big is the quarterly loss
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 15:39:57 GMT
Quarterly results could be an ‘outright disaster’ at Tesla amid concerns about margins and demand for the Silicon Valley car maker, which reports April 4 after the bell.
Bond Report: Treasury yields rise as oil prices surge amid U.S.’s decision to end Iranian oil-import waivers
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 15:39:30 GMT
Treasury prices fall Monday, lifting yields, as the Trump administration says it will end waivers for countries importing Iranian oil, reports of which had driven crude prices higher.
Need to Know: Here’s what could happen if this ‘late, late cycle’ meets a Joe Biden market
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 15:35:11 GMT
Investors are understandably dusting off their playbooks for late-cycle investing these days, says AllianceBernstein strategist Richard Brink, but this isn’t your typical late cycle, and typical late-cycle responses might not apply this time around.
Here’s how to watch Tesla’s investor day
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 15:29:03 GMT
Tesla Inc. will live-stream its investor day on Monday starting at a.m. Pacific., focusing on its autonomous-driving software and hardware.
Four in 10 Americans still say climate change doesn’t affect their community
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 15:22:55 GMT
A group of Pew surveys for Earth Day highlight the political divide in the climate change debate.